Monday, January 26, 2009 absent sister.

Today I miss my little sister Michelle more than ever, because it is the day before her birthday and she has been on my mind. Birthdays aren't a terribly big deal where we come from, so the little things we do get around to mean a lot. On birthday mornings there are no presents, rarely cheery greetings, and no sleeping in. What we do enjoy (lick the plate type) are more waffles than we can eat. Mom breaks out the strawberries and anything else in season and piles on the whipped cream. This isn't actually the unusual part; the thing we Farnsworth children look forward to the most is commanding the 'you are special' plate. It is the one time a year we have something to ourselves. 

In lieu of a special plate (or the proper planning that might have delivered one on time) here is this birthday wish for my birthday sister, 

I hope you feel special tomorrow! And that you have something all to yourself, wether it be a moment or a gift that arrives on time. 

Love you Michelle.

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