Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...a windows-down sort of driver.

The other day I rolled my car window down and it didn't roll back up. After my manly neighbors concluded something was broken inside the door (obvious??!!) it started raining and it didn't stop for weeks. Literally. Needless to say, instead of taking care of the fix immediately I put it off and drove someone else's car for a while. Then the sun came back out and I got back in my own car and realized that I could't listen to music, the wind whistling through my car on the freeway was much too loud. And what if someone over hear my choice of music? There is no way they would understand me listening to Taylor Swift and Ludacris intermittently.

It only took a day of driving with the window down for it to be my new favorite summer thing. At night I could hear the crickets chirping and during the day I just soaked in the smells of summer (bbq's, pools, hot sun). I have my window fixed now, but it is rarely rolled up when I am driving.

Now if only I can learn to accessorize like Grace Kelly I will really be ready to enjoy my afternoon drives.

Because we all know my car is plenty big enough to be a cruiser.


Friday, June 19, 2009

...Tom, Huck, Astrid, Frodo, Robin, Peter, Mary.

With the summer well upon us I am turning back to my old favorites, the books I read every summer. What would summer reading be without Samuel Clemmons, Frances Burnett, and Paul Creswick to name a few. Lacking in Adventure, Thrill, Mystery, and Romance. And where would summer be without them? I don't want to know.
There is that old debate, do you read what you are; or are you who you are because of what you read? Okay, maybe it isn't that heated, and no one else has heard of this debate, but I assure you I contemplate the question all the time. Today I have decided...who cares?! Either way I love what I am reading and who I am. Examples of my personal purchases and outfit inspirations


gold accessories are very necessary.



loose casual shirts are an everyday wear.


Sailors are always put together.


You can take secret gardens with you. No need to hide.


Elves are all about color and hair.

white_oleander.jpg white oleander image by AmandaP121

Young girls, still growing up is sweet and innocent and sexy. The perfect mix.

Who can help but let their inner character play when they are reading such strong books?!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

...a bridesmaid.

Well, it was more than a day, but it was wonderful! Spending time with your good friends, looking back on great times, dancing the night away....what more can I say? OH I GUESS I SHOULD MENTION THE PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES!! Needless to say I was in my element. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...an Indian novel.

Or, an indian novel reader. If I was really an Indian novel I would wax poetic about the simple things, rarely have what the west considers a happy ending, I would seem to never end and I would definitely be unavoidably un-meshed in the past.

Recent favorites,

A Suitable Boy, Seth Victram.
A Fine Balance, Rohinton Mistry.


...a poe fan.

Something about spring reminds me of Mr Edgar Allen Poe. It might be the effervescent birds, the raw earth, the feeling of impending drastic change, or it might just be that I took the history of Poe in the spring. Either way, here are a few other things that have been reminding me of eap.

The locket is for sale on Etsy.com. It is a mermaid/pit and the pendulum locket.

Monday, January 26, 2009

...a wild child.

Recently J. Crew has released it's spring inventory and I am in love.

I can't show you pictures, because it would be a breach of all sorts of things, but I will update this post with pictures as soon as possible of the tee shirt with silk puffy sleeves, the lime and grey printed skirt that has to be from the seventies, and the endless v nick tee shirts in fresh colors I plan on wearing everyday this summer with a silk scarf as a headband and my faded blue jeans.

Relaxation comes in an outfit, the lifestyle follows, and I have found my outfit of choice.

...a blunt cut.

Last week I decided I needed a change. That is a lie. Three months ago I decided I needed a change. Last week I decided that a hair cut was the form that change would come in. Here was my inspiration. 

And here is the result. 

I love it.